Who we are.

“Who are these guys?” – Probably you, right now

We are irrationally digital.

  • We were young; we were crazy; we had an idea and we knew we loved this job. So we jumped in! Being absolutely and thankfully ignorant about how digital marketing ‘ought’ to be, our blank canvas of creativity opened up to boundless possibilities. We had no rules and no theories; what we only had was an appetite to be awesome. For us it isn’t all about the trade; we like to look beyond conventions and bring to life eccentric yet effective ideas. We take what we give; we believe in proportionate results for the effort put in and delivering value for the faith you put in us.
  • In the three years since Firstshow has been around, we have grown and matured professionally personally and perceptively. Our clients kept us both grounded and encouraged with their faith in our irrationality. They gave us the space we needed to be creative, bringing out the best in us (Phew! Thank you!). We connect to our clients more than just superficially to better understand what suits best for their individual interests and digital needs.
  • People inherently behave and project differently on different media platforms that we deal with. We take it upon us to figure out, what marketing mix is the unique best for your personal requirement. 
We believe out of the box thinking is irrational.  
We started out irrational and stuck to it through high and low. We are and will always be irrationally digital.
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