Silent Heroes

Category: E-Commerce

Client: The Indian



The Indian brand is an e-commerce website, which offers polo tees, mugs and some other lifestyle accessories and works with a social cause of giving one to the community when one product is sold.


The concept was social support to all individual groups or communities, like municipality, military, postman etc. These people who keeps the city clean, takes care of our borders, maintain the punctuality in delivery happiness. This campaign was a support to all of them, who in turn do not receive anything except regular salaries. The Indian brand continues its responsibility of selling a product and giving one to these.


This campaign was executed in a series of creatives depicting a silent hero. It started with an introduction creative and there on several number of jobs and their contribution was highlighted in a positive way, which directly or indirectly affects the community.

  1. Some work behind the curtain, to make our lives better.



  1. They be alert every time, so that we could sleep in peace.

Border force

  1. They are actual reason of city being so clean, not the municipal officers.


  1. They work hard to make us have food on the right time.


  1. They work even when everybody else is celebrating the national festivals.


  1. They sacrifice their sleep and work to ensure security for our sleep.

NIght security

  1. The drive the fastest and safest to keep time with the patient.

Ambulance driver

  1. They bring the good news to all of us and be the first to inform about the good times.




As a result of this creative and interactive campaign, the reach of the Indian brand Facebook page views grew by 8%, which led an increment in engagement by 9%.