Don’t Ignore The Risk

Category: Healthcare

Client: Dr. Reddy's

Diarrhea is the one of the leading causes of death among children below the age of 5. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories – a multinational pharmaceutical brand, was looking to launch Econorm.-a ‘Probiotic’ medicine available Over-The-Counter for treating diarrhea and preventing it’s consequent effects, among children.

It was to make mothers of children below the age of 12, aware of the symptoms of diarrhea. This pharmaceutical drug was to make its way as a ‘First-Aid’ remedy in to every Indian household for the first time through digital marketing. We, at First Show Digital, initiated a campaign, “Don’t Ignore The Risk” to spread awareness to the parents that these common symptoms might lead to diarrhea too.

The campaign was executed on Facebook and Twitter initially, through a series of  daily posts. Each post had information through recognising the symptoms among infants and toddlers. Also stated were, why measures against diarrhea must be taken and the problems a baby could have due to diarrhea if, proper measures were not taken.

1. Econorm maintains and helps proper weight gain by keeping a control on diarrhea



2. Econorm contains natural probiotics that balance the metabolic function.



3. Econorm builds resistance and keeps gut healthy.



4. Econorm keeps your child safe from diarrhea causing microbes.



5. Econorm is trusted and recommended by child specialists worldwide!11025196_978903148800787_3564559697522749944_n



As a result of these creative and interactive campaigns, the reach of Econorm’s Facebook page views grew by 18%, which led an increment in engagement by 16%. The campaign has now been extended to Pinterest and Instagram to reach out to more tech-savvy mothers across India and internationally.

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