Mission Impossible

Category: Food and Beverages

Client: Hello Curry

Hello Curry is a restaurant which has positioned themselves as ‘Serving Indian Fast Food’. Located at around the area of Hi-tech city, the target market had to be young professionals who sneak out of there offices during breaks and are in a hurry to go back after having a quick snack.

In India It’s nearly impossible to get your order in time. So we came up with a campaign called ‘Mission Impossible‘ If you don’t get your order served in 180 seconds, it will be free. We came up with concepts and lines to which corporate can relate to.

It started with a teaser about what is mission impossible in lives of these people e.g. Mission Impossible is explaining to your boss why you need a holiday.


Teaser 1:



Teaser 2:

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After a series of these posts we revealed what mission impossible is:

Every minute seems long while waiting for your order. Hello curry understands this.



Hate the waiting time before your order is served. Try mission impossible at Hello curry at Hitech city.



This Sunday, dine out Biryani with your families at Hello curry and get served in 180 seconds.




This at first, created a buzz among audience about what is ‘Mission impossible‘ which raised the eyebrows of each and everyone who saw the posts. When it was finally revealed about that it’s about getting served in 180 seconds or free, people were not only delighted but also curious to try out the thing. This was a campaign designed and executed to communicate a unique service feature of Hello Curry which resulted in increase in 40% walk-ins. People coming in were really happy about the feature ‘180 seconds or free‘ and the way the promises were kept by Hello curry.