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Client: First Show

“Be the change you want to see in our society”
Instead of trolling and blaming our politicians on social media and blaming the political system and its leaders, it’s better to get out of homes and decide our own leaders. It’s time to vote and show that we care for our democracy. It’s time to act!

Here’s how we have urged people to exercise their right
There’s nothing overtly ‘in-your-face’ about the campaign. Tweak the visuals we associate with well-known brands and there is an apt campaign urging people to head to their respective polling booths.

A series of images by First Show was floated to make eligible voters from dismissing April 30 as just another mid-week public holiday.

There are enough aggressive campaigns that emphasize the need to vote. We wanted to keep it subtle, like a reminder. Since we work in the field of advertising and marketing, we thought we’d look at visuals and taglines of well-known brands. We considered nearly 100 brands and finalized eight. Through this campaign, the team wanted to focus on the social media audience.
1. You have the ‘Power’ to decide your own future. What else you need from a Democracy?


2. Many things make a Complete Man, stepping up for your country is one of them!




3. We have a tradition to start everything with sweets, let’s continue the same while voting.




  4. Loving fries is good, but loving the nation is even better!



5.  DTH is a new practice to follow, but making your vote count is not!

Dish TV


6.  Licking finger after chicken is delicious and Inking the finger after voting is contribution.



7. Taste the Thunder, make your vote do some wonder!

Thums Up