Midnight Heroes

Category: Food and Beverages

Client: Hello Curry


The area served by our client Hello Curry is predominantly inhabited by people who work in IT sector and live away from their homes. They mostly depend either or outside food or mess and canteens for their meals, a big problem for them was maximum of restaurants and food joints are closed around 11 pm. The innovative and problem solving approach by Hello Curry had to be communicated to help wipe out the hunger of late night workers and professionals who also many times skip their dinner due to their hectic work-schedules. The other objective is to make people aware that, hello curry is available even during nights.

The strategy behind the campaign is to wipe-out the hunger of night owls of Hyderabad who are starving due to their hectic work schedule, students hungry due to their late night preparations for exams, people living in hostels and who are bored eating the same menu. Hence, hello curry came up with midnight heroes acting as saviors who deliver delicious and healthy food and make their lives better.


The campaign was executed introducing MIDNIGHT HEROES who make deliveries at customers door step even at late night. The campaign was executed on Facebook.

1. Hello curry introduces midnight heroes who deliver food late nights. So order and enjoy!


2. Your hunger deserves a treat, even if its late! Hello curry now delivers late night. Order and Enjoy!


3.  The heroes give you birthday gifts too! And that too at the darkest hour. Order and serve your midnight cravings!


4. Too much of work load makes you skip out on dinners?  Give us a call and refuel yourself, even if it’s midnight.




5. Your night out’s will be more exciting with our superheroes bringing your favorite food!
Order and give your gang a treat!