Thank You Mom

Category: E-Commerce

Client: The Indian


“How has an Indian mother brought pride to our country?”

A vote of thanks dedicated to the illustrious Indian mothers by “The Indian Brand”.


We initially started off with posts of internationally recognised Indian mothers who, have made India proud and with a vote of thanks towards them. We then, conveyed a message at the end that we appreciate every Indian Mom for giving birth to an Indian and how the legacy of pride is carried forward by every Indian.



It progressed from recognising mothers who birthed the nation’s greats to mothers who themselves are great. Concluding with a note of appreciation to the mothers who are raising the future greats of India. We celebrate the spirit of motherhood while also setting a subtle tone of patriotic pride.



  •  A  vote of appreciation to the moms who gave birth to ‘The Indians’ who made us proud.




  • A vote of thanks to all the mothers who gave birth to ‘The Indian’.






The reach increased by 40% on Instagram through all the Mother’s Day celebratory posts. You can see the campaign on