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Category: Healthcare

Client: Dr. Reddy's Laboratories

Econorm by Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories -a pharmaceutical multinational, is a ‘probiotic’ treatment for diarrhea among children below the age of 12. The campaign brief required the TG to recognise the different situations and responses a child could face when affected by a bout of Diarrhea.

The Facebook campaign initiated by us, was to bring a more personable approach to diarrhea and have a dialogue with the users. A baby, reacts through different cries that, in turn could be much more than what we’d assume to be hunger, irritation or tantrums. However, the reason of the child could be difficult to recognise to soothe the ailing child. Setting up a series of posts, we’d target the parents and guardians of children who’d see the alternative perspective to the diarrhea communication that is usually the industry standard.

A unique approach wherein a baby is shown to express his thoughts as a response to different situations occurring in daily life was established. The symptoms of diarrhea were the talking points for the baby who’d then express his discomfort or displeasure. The campaign was then executed in the form of a story which had different situations that could trigger a response in the child. The tone of the baby’s “thoughts” were tongue-in-cheek and also lent itself, an evocatively humourous approach.

1. All the noise at weddings won’t compare to what you hear when your child is unwell with Diarrhea. Make sure your outings are hassle free with Econorm. 



2. Your baby might not be able to speak yet, but he sure does have opinions! Recognize Diarrhea related symptoms, like Gas, that can lead to a grumbling tummy and let Econorm do the rest!



3. You don’t want diarrhea to be an additional mess to clean up after a party! Econorm saves you the trouble



4. Reasons for Diarrhea could be lurking around the corner. Turn your baby immune with  Econorm.



As a result of these creative and interactive campaigns, the reach of Econorm  Facebook page views grew by 10%, which led an increment in engagement by 11%.

The campaign has now been extended to Pinterest ( and Instagram ( to reach out to the more tech-savvy mothers across India and internationally.

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